• Meat dish

    • Beef steak (lamp)

      Beef steak (lamp)

      1,580 yen

      Red meat that is softer than sirloin, there is a deep taste!

    • Spareribs


      1,080 yen

      Soft spare ribs boiled for long time and slightly sweet special BBQ sauce excellent compatibility ◎

    • Buffalo chicken wings

      Buffalo chicken wings

      680 yen

      In the United States the classic finger food! The sweet buffalo sauce that I arranged for Japanese preference is addictive!

  • pizza

    • Quattro folder Mudge

      Quattro folder Mudge

      1,380 yen

      Popularity No.1 ♪ There are plenty of four types of cheese, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Red Cheddar, Parmesan!

    • Bacon potato Mayo pizza

      Bacon potato Mayo pizza

      1,080 yen

      Popular No. 2 ♪ Idaho pizza with potatoes and bacon! Homemade Mayo is the most popular staff! Recommended ◎

    • Bismarck pizza

      Bismarck pizza

      1,380 yen

      Popularity No.3 ♪ Please enjoy exquisite harmony of roasted semi-egg and raw ham ☆

  • Hamburger

    • Roast! Hamburgers

      Roast! Hamburgers

      680 yen

      Homemade demiglace sauce boasts the high-end beef pate!

    • Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Burger

      Teriyaki Chicken Mayo Burger

      680 yen

      It is recommended to have homemade mayonnaise and savory chicken thoroughly pickled in rich soy sauce sage!

    • Shrimp cream croquette burger

      Shrimp cream croquette burger

      680 yen

      A crepe croquette is recommended, which contains plenty of shrimp of preprimary!

  • A la carte dish

    • Oyster Rockefeller

      Oyster Rockefeller

      580 yen / 2 pieces

      American cuisine with spinach sauce and cheese on a shell oyster and baking it in the oven! Eating it with Tabasco further delicious ♪

    • Specialty garlic shrimp

      Specialty garlic shrimp

      880 yen

      One item famous for Hawaiian Shrimp Wagon! Shrimp shrimps and plenty of garlic chips are perfect for beer! Excellent compatibility with Konavir ◎

    • Cheese sticks

      Cheese sticks

      380 yen

      Two kinds of cheese are melted in inside, frying outside is fly! It is also a dish that fits beer!

  • Rice Plate

    • Chicken over rice

      Chicken over rice

      980 yen

      Garlic rice, a lot of lettuce, plenty of lettuce, plenty of chicken sauce and a yoghurt sauce-one dish! Everything will eat once with an exquisite balance! This large volume is very satisfying ◎

    • Locomoco Plate

      Locomoco Plate

      980 yen

      Hawaiian plate boasts a thick patty! Loco Moko's "Moko" seems to be meaningless. .w

  • salad

    • Caesar salad

      Caesar salad

      880 yen

      Homemade celery dressing boasts a dish! Crisp bacon, plenty of Granadadano cheese is scattered in fresh tomatoes ◎

    • Popeye salad

      Popeye salad

      980 yen

      Salad with spicy eggs and bacon delicious, sprinkling spinach wrapped in cucumber and tortilla!

    • Cobb salad

      Cobb salad

      980 yen

      Originated from Hollywood! Colorful ingredients such as avocado, tomatoes, eggs, olives and homemade cob dressing!

  • dessert

    • Catalana Brulee

      Catalana Brulee

      580 yen

      One item of bragging! Karamerizee smells the surface calmly! Inside moistly creamy ♪ Please try melting texture by all means ◎

    • pancake


      580 yen

      Limited 5 items! It's handmade on the spot so fluffy feeling is exceptional! Order as soon as possible.

    • American brownies

      American brownies

      580 yen

      Moist texture, maybe a little adult flavor with brandy ◎