• North Shore specialties! Garlic Shrimp

      North Shore specialties! Garlic Shrimp


      One item famous for Hawaiian Shrimp Wagon! Shrimp shrimp and plenty of garlic chips are perfect for beer! Excellent compatibility with Konavir ◎

    • Spicy loin beef

      Spicy loin beef


      A boast of spices with standard roast bee! I use approximately 10 kinds of spices ♪

    • Oysters Rockefeller

      Oysters Rockefeller

      One 200yen

      Eat over American cuisine! Tabasco I'll bake in the oven topped with spinach sauce and cheese to the shell with oyster More delicious ♪


    • Caesar salad with homemade dressing

      Caesar salad with homemade dressing


      Homemade celery dressing boasts a dish! Crisp bacon, plenty of Granadadano cheese on the fresh tomatoes are scattered ◎

    • Hawaiian Cobb salad

      Hawaiian Cobb salad


      Familiar Hawaiian standard salad! Colorful ingredients such as avocado, tomatoes, eggs, olives and homemade cob dressing!


    • Peparo two pizza

      Peparo two pizza


      In the United States, it is a pizza that classic! Salami and peppers rode ◎

    • Mexican pizza

      Mexican pizza


      Pizza reproduce the taco of the image in pizza! Fresh lettuce and spicy salsa sauce rode! Recommended to those who want to eat a little unusual pizza ◎

    • Idaho Pizza

      Idaho Pizza


      American dish potato and bacon has entered! Staff No. 1 popular! I recommend ◎

  • Rice

    • Chicken over rice

      Chicken over rice


      Garlic rice, a lot of lettuce, plenty of lettuce, plenty of chicken sauce and yoghurt sauce ingredients! Everything will eat once with an exquisite balance! This large volume is very satisfying ◎

  • Meat

    • Lamp steak

      Lamp steak


      Red meat that is softer than sirloin, there is a deep taste!

    • 4 types of sausage platter

      4 types of sausage platter


      Plain, herb, long, chorizo ​​4 kinds of assortment! Perfect for beer snacks ◎

    • BBQ spare rib

      BBQ spare rib


      Slightly sweet special BBQ sauce and sparerib are excellent compatibility ◎

  • Desert

    • pancake



      We stacked 6 fluffy pancakes! We thrilled wholesale whipped cream and rich maple.

    • French honey toast

      French honey toast


      Thick slice of bread and plenty of vanilla ice, because in the hearty dish! Shop multiplied by the honey can be soft fluffy ♪ share with everyone because it is the bread in French toast recommended and Women's Association ◎

    • American brownie

      American brownie


      Reproduce the American Amai Brownie! Please try once the direction of sweet love thing ◎